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Flights to Kalamata, Athens and Patras

Between April and November there are Charter flights direct to Kalamata. Driving time from Kalamata airport to the villa is 1 hour.  There are many scheduled flights to Athens all year.  Driving time from Athens or Patras is around 3 hours. 

Airlines and routes

Confirm villa availability before you book flights!

Kalamata from Greece, Athens - June to September
Kalamata from Greece, Thessaloniki - All year
Kalamata from Germany, Dusseldorf - March to October
Kalamata from Germany, Munich - February to November
Kalamata from Holland, Amsterdam - April  to October
Kalamata from Italy, Milan - July to September
Kalamata from France, Paris - May to October
Kalamata from Sweden, Stockholm - March to October
Daily flights to Athens from Europe - All year
Air Berlin / Niki:
Kalamata from Germany and Austria - April to November
Austrian Airlines:             
Kalamata from Austria, Vienna - May to October
Kalamata from Holland, Amsterdam -April/May to October
British Airways :
Kalamata from UK, London Heathrow -  May to October
Athens from UK, London Heathrow - All year
Brussels Airlines:
Kalamata from Belgium, Brussels - April to October
Flights to Athens - All year
Kalamata from Germany - May to October
Kalamata from UK, London Gatwick - April to October
Athens from UK, London Gatwick & Manchester - All year
Kalamata from Germany, Munich - February to November
Daily flights to Athens from Germany all year
Kalamata from Milan Bergamo Italy - April to October
Araxos (Patras) from UK - London Stansted
Daily flights to Athens from UK, London Stansted all year
Thomas Cook:   
Kalamata from UK, Birmingham, London Gatwick and Manchester:
May to October
Kalamata from Amsterdam, Holland - May to October
Araxos (Patras) from Germany, Frankfurt,Hannover and Stuttgart

Other routes

Ferry:  There are  frequent overnight ferries from Italy (Venice, Bari, Ancona and Brindisi) to Patras.

Car:  Kalamata 1 hour, Athens and Patras 3 to 4 hours

Train:  The train to Kalamata from Athens or Patras is slow but a cheap and pleasant route. Travel time from Patras is 6 hours and costs €8. Travel time from Athens is 7 hours and costs €12.

Bus / Coach:  Take the E93 bus from Athens airport to Kifissos Bus Station in Athens, journey time 1 hour. From Kifissos Bus Station take another bus to Kalamata for a further 3 to 4 hours, cost €25. The coaches are comfortable and stop on route for toilets and refreshments. 

Taxi:  We can arrange for a local taxi to collect you at the airport. Price for 1 to 4 persons from Kalamata (one-way) is €60 and from Athens or Patras €300.